Justin Bieber replace Chris Brown ? No way, but still Adoraaableee.

Jording Sparks and Justin Bieber performing No Air at the Jingle Ball. How do you think he did ?

I’m sorry but I have a mad crush on Justin Bieber he so adorable ahahah I love him. I mean of course, he can NOT replace Breezy. Chris rocked that song haahah but he did a pretty good job expecially next to Jordin Sparks’ beautiful strong voice! He is a really great for barley making it big, in my opinion (: He looked funny like 2 ft shorter than Jordin though llololol.

Have you heard his album ? It’s awesome, for now check out my fav song on his album:
Down to Earth
Like what you hear? Check out his whole album!
Keep it going Justin,

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