weekly obsessions #2

Sorry I missed last week. Just a quick wrap up of my week : I was busy because my wonderful aunt and cousin were visiting from Florida, jeealouuus. Everyday mi tia was coming over and making dinner. Awesome ! Pozole, lasagna, and ribs. Ommggg. Also I had a temp of 101.3 on Monday then I started feeling better Wednesday morning, Score ! Just on time for my friends bday on wednesday. And score once again ! Just on time for New Yearss. But Sadly I am still light Weight sick. And fmy lifeee school back on Wednesday. Urgh ! Oh well , welcome to 2010 !

1. Class of 2010 !!
2. chocolate pudding [yumm] been making a lot latley
3. skirts, finallyyy
4. Polyvoreee
5. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
6. my new eyebrows lol, fressshly waxed
7. Chips & Salsa, pretty much forever
8. Justin Nozuka, yum
9. moccasins, want some new ones real bad.
10. once again, living life to the fullest

-Camillelele ♥

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