School is back in session !

            blahhhh, why ?! I can not wait to graduate hahah. Im over this highschool stuff :/ I wanna get OUT THERE and meet all these different people . Are you with me ? Hahaha well honestly Im thinking of going to college in another country. Hmm idk if I can exactly afford but I will defffff be doing more research on that. Or I want to do the whole foreign exchange student thing where you switch spots with another person from some where else . Wouldnt that be extremly awesome ! I think so (: Anywho, have you heard of Suddenly Darling? Well if you have you know how extremly awesome it is! And if you havent you shoulddd deff check it ! But yeah there is a current contest going on about making a new friend and I have the perfect situation to write about when someone befriended me when I needed it the most, so exited !
btw the picture is of me and my dog, Rusty (:

Bored ? listen to the track I am currently in LOVE with !
David Guetta – Memories Ft. Kid Cudi

One response to “School is back in session !

  1. cute outfit love the scarf very simple and sweet ;]. And thx I’ll take the outfit into consideration Thanks for your help!


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