I need to go to the gym

blaaaaah, ugh. I need motiviation lol.

It’s so sad, I keep promising myself I’m going to get my lazy butt up and out to the gym but I keep finding other things more important. But I have some great awesome news. I might be able to get my senior portrait to be in my schools yearbook. Originally it wasn’t going to be in the yearbook because I haven’t took it but I went and had a chat with the yearbook teacher and he said if I take it like NOW he will try to get it in. Omgosh pray for me you guys to be in the yearbook. How sad will it be not to be in your senior year’s yearbook ): I will honestly cry in joy if I get this accomplished. So after this crap is over with I PROMISE myself I will go to the gym. I need to look HOT for spring break 😀

Until then heres my motivation :

Just kidding I just want to work on my abs to get rid of that tiny gut and make my waist smaller 😀

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