fml, phone broke.

Yes the title is correct, my phone broke. For once I didn’t loose the phone but now it brakes, on it’s own! I was literally just sitting at my friend’s house and it was just sitting on the desk. I decide to call somebody and as I dial the number the buttons don’t do anything! Only the side buttons. It’s pretty depressing): I will be going to Sprint today to see if they can fix it. Anyways, I know, I know I haven’t blogged for THREE whole days! I been busy with school(and not having a phone), there is so much to do with my last three months of highschool. I’m so exited! Well hope everyone has a good weekend!(: and here is an outfit that I came across the other day and I lovvve it. I’m pretty much obsessed with plaid. Gives me ideas for my outfit for tonight (: By the way, I neeeed a scarf like this in grey and navy blue. Please God can you grant me with some money.

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